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Leisure Marine Services
Custom Steel Barges


Barge Fabrication

       Since opening in 2017, Leisure Marine Services has been proud to serve not only the Gulf Coast community but other communities throughout the United States. We have been building custom barges for 3 years and barge #80 is almost finished!

       We build custom work boats, single or pin together barges, and even platform options for house boats. We are able to design and build to fit your specific needs. 

       We are small family-owned business who try to keep our product affordable to support other small family businesses. Our goal is to build fast, affordable, high-quality barges!

       We build custom work boats, single or pin together barges, and even platform options for house boats. We are able to design and build to fit your specific needs. 

 Please call or message us through Facebook to receive a quote. We require a 10% nonrefundable deposit to reserve your spot on our order list. 40% due at time of material purchase and final payment is due at project completion.

We are also able to provide welding services for other projects if time is available in our schedule. Look through our site to see all we have to offer.

Get in Touch

Prices of Most Requested Sizes

All standard / custom barges are 0.25" steel plate unless otherwise requested. Internal framework consists of uprights and crossbeams placed no further than 2 ft apart. Includes 4 deck cleats, bulkhead, sandblasting and painting with 2 coats of epoxy paint, 4 spud pockets, and 2 21ft spuds made w/ schedule 80 pipe. Extras are available for an additional price such as antifouling paint, zincs, motor mounts, ramps, consoles, etc.

Approximate prices below.

All pricing subject to change due to fluctuations in steel prices. 

No spuds/pockets



$28k (↓$500)


$31k (↓$4k)






$43,500 (↓$2,500)

2 (8x30x3)

$48k (↓$7k)

2 (8x30x4)






2 (8x40x4)

$65k (↓5k)

2 (10x30x3)


2 (10x40x3)

$72k (↓$5k)-8/6" spuds/ pockets

2 (10x40x4)

$78,500 (↓6.5k) 10/8" spuds/pockets

2 (10X50X4)

$105K (↓$10k)

2 (12x40x4)

$87k (↓$8k)

2 (12x50x4)

$113k (↓$12k)

Zincs- $100 each

Ramps- $2,500

HD Ramps- $3,500

Motor Mount-$1,200 each

Antifouling Paint- $3 sq/ft

Console- $1,450

Crane Mount- Time + Material

Leisure Marine's Team

Kyle Wilson is the owner of Leisure Marine Services. Kyle is a USCG licensed 100 Ton Master Captain. He has over 20 years of welding, fabrication, and customization experience. He is the backbone of our business and works hard every day to meet our customer's needs.

 Mallorye Wilson manages the social media accounts and sends out the quotes/estimates.

 We are blessed to have 2 amazing welders who work with us, Miles and Jeff. 

 Please contact us so we can help you create your dream barge!  You will not be disappointed with the price or quality of work provided!


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 6-5PM CST
Feel free to send a message on the weekend and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Leisure Marine Services is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

For design or sizing questions call Kyle 251.223.9679

For quotes/ pricing call Mallorye 251.229.3787

Next build date for a steel barge is approx. 8 weeks out!

Gulf Shores, Alabama


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